Become an exhibitor

To book your stand and take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your company and its products during the FAC2016 conference, follow the steps below:


1. Go to the Registration section

2. In the form, select “Exhibitor”

3. Enter your contact details
and provide a text presenting your company and the items you will be exhibiting at your stand

4.Upload a photo or a company logo
The FAC2016 Scientific Committee will examine your application.

5. You will be informed by email of the Scientific Committee’s decision and any comments it may have.
A link in the email will enable you to finalise your registration via an online payment form. Your contribution will only be officially confirmed once your payment for the stand has been received.


You will subsequently be free to contact the FAC2016 Organising Committee should you have any questions regarding the stand and logistics.

Please note: registration applications received from potential exhibitors after 15 April 2016 will not be accepted.


FAC2016 is the ideal opportunity to present your sphere of activity to the event’s participants. In attendance will be 150 professionals from 25 countries, all of whom are impacted by erosion corrosion issues, including engineers, researchers, suppliers, representatives of government authorities and power plant operators.


Advantages of registering as an exhibitor :

– Your exhibition stand.

Located in the foyer of the Théâtre Barrière, your stand will be an excellent way of making contact with participants during the conference’s breaks and lunches. Over the four days, a total of two hours will be exclusively devoted to stand visits, so as to guarantee high visibility for exhibitors.

– Plenary presentation

You will be given the chance to speak at the beginning of the conference so as to present your stand and your company, and thus generate contacts.

– Your company on the website

A page on the event’s website will be devoted to presenting exhibitors and their stands. You will therefore be visible on the web for several months! You can publish a short presentation together with your logo or a photograph.

– Registration includes 1 or 2 participants

The two individuals running the stand will have full access to the FAC2016 conference: presentations, lunches and breaks, social events and gala dinner.

The stand will measure approximately 10m² and will be priced at €3,000, including two participants.

Practical and logistical information about the stands will be available shortly in the Exhibitor Guidelines.


Sample stand themes

These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-Destructive Examination and Visual Inspection Methods
  • Material Analysis
  • Corrosion and wear
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance / Servicing
  • Inspection
  • Pipes and welding
  • Fitness-for-service calculations (software and engineering)