Practical information


International credit cards are accepted for payment in most hotels and restaurants.
However, the payment of registration fees on site will NOT be possible with a credit card.
You can use your credit card to withdraw banknotes at most cash dispensers, which are generally located outside banks and post offices.



The official currency is the euro. Participants can change foreign currency and travellers’ cheques as soon as they arrive (airports and railway stations) or in banks in Lille city centre.



Electricity in France is 230 V , 50hz. Plug sockets comply with the European standard.



Wifi Internet access is available in the Theâtre Barrière.



The organisers of the EDF FAC2016 conference strongly recommend that participants take out their own health, travel and property insurance prior to leaving their country.

EDF will not accept any liability for personal injury or for loss or damage to property.



The official language of the EDF FAC conference is English.



International dialling code for France: +33. In France, you must dial all ten digits of the number, starting with 0 (for example, the prefix for Lille and the Nord-Pas de Calais area is 03)



Medical, 15 (severe)

Medical, 18 (less severe)

112* calls are answered by “15” or “18” dispatchers, depending on the caller’s location

Police, 17

Fire, 18

*The international emergency number is 112 (external link) for GSM mobile phone networks. In all European Union countries it is also the emergency telephone number for both mobile telephones and landlines.



Trott’in Nord: 06 82 87 78 89   //

This agency proposes private guided tours, as well as tailor-made services on various themes: games, gastronomy, shopping and cultural outings, history, traditions, and many more.

Le grand 8: 06 08 25 74 91 

Hop on a bike with this agency to discover Lille. Refreshing without being too difficult from a sporting point of view, a Dutch-style bike is undoubtedly, the best, fastest and most pleasant way to discover the treasures in Lille.

Happy moov: / 06 50 32 44 86

Touring Lille, whatever the weather may be. A touristic and commented visit aboard a City Cruiser to discover the history, heritage and secrets of Lille.

Tourist Bureau: 0891 56 87 78 04

Ideas of what to do, city tours in 9 languages, a city pass, etc.




1 Gare de Lille Europe – Lille

0 825 82 60 26

DLM Location:

32 Place de la Gare – Lille

03 20 06 18 80